[dotnet new] Angular Single Page Application – Setup and How The Template Works

Angular Single Page Application Header Image

The dotnet new command has support for project templates, and one of the template packages that Microsoft has released contains a collection of Single Page Applications.
In this post, I’ll take us through how to make a new project from the Angular2 template, what changes where made the .NET Core to make some of the more impressive things in this template work, and how it all fits together.In this post, I talk you through how to create an Angular2 Single Page Application from one of these templates and how it all fits together.

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Model-View-Controller in .NET Core

Model-View-Controller Header Image

Sometimes you just want to build a website with strong separation of concerns – that’s where the MVC model can help.

This week we build an MVC application, go through what an MVC application is (covering separation of concerns, too), where you might use one, and what some of the most important configuration options are and where to find them.

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