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.NET Core History

Jamie Taylor1 comment

The entirety of .NET Core's history is available online. It is one of Microsoft's first completely open frameworks, in that all of the important decisions have been made in the open and the source is completely open. Some of the key Microsoft employees even host a weekly show about it's development.

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Jamie Taylor

A short (just under an hour long) stream all about appsettings.json and how .NET Core and ASP NET Core can automatically handle different configuration, based on the environment that an application is running in.

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SPAs a-plenty

Jamie Taylor

My third live stream was titled “SPAs a-plenty”. The goal of my this stream was to talk through Feature Folders and add them to a pre-existing GitHub repo, then to consume them in a new project for that GitHub repo. Things didn't go entirely according to plan, but it still ended up pretty interesting (I think)

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