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As Seen On

This page is going to be an evolving list of all of the places where you can find external appearances of my work in and thoughts on .NET Core.

Want To Be Listed Below?

If you’d like me to appear on your blog or podcast, then please get in contact. I’m more than happy to write for blogs, or appear on podcasts or most other media formats.

I was even on the first Productivity in Tech roundtable

I can be contacted via either Twitter or LinkedIn.

Blogs I’ve Written For

Did you know that I’ve written about .NET Core (and related topics) for blogs other than this one?

shocking, I know

Here’s a list of the places I’ve had the pleasure of writing for:

audacia logo
Audacia is a fantastic company in Leeds (UK), and it’s where I work. We have an ethos of continual learning and sharing our knowledge of new technologies with the development community.

So it was only natural that I would write about .NET Core for the Audacia blog.

codeshare logo
I’ve had the pleasure of writing for a number of times, starting with a post on the topic of TLS certificates (even though I incorrectly called them SSL certificates in the article)

What is JetBrains Rider? (August 17, 2017)

cynical developer logo
The Cynical Developer is all about technology evangelists.It started life as a podcast, but has evolved into having a blog, too.

What is .NET Core? (July 19, 2017)

the reactionary logo
Rising Young Minds has a simple goal: to bring informative and entertaining content to today’s young adults. We want to challenge our generation to constantly think critically about the world around us, but to also do so without a heavy heart.

I was kindly asked by the RYM team to put together some articles on the kinds of things folks need to know about when they decide that they’d like to be a developer

the reactionary logo
The Reactionary was a blog created and run by Zac Braddy. Zac and I teamed up on a project which used .NET Core and React to build a single page application to give high fives.

The Reactionary has closed its doors recently (as Zac is working on bigger and better things), but I’m working with Zac to get a copy of the blog post hosted here.

Podcasts I’ve Been Interviewed On

Podcasts are quickly taking over the world, and I even have one of my own (which I run with my brother)

here’s a link to that

and I’m even involved in a podcast with Jay Miller (of Productive Developers) and Keheira (of Keheira the Dev) on being a developer and an anime fan

and here’s a link to that

If you’re at all interested in what my voice sounds like, then you can see a list of the podcasts (with links to the episodes I was on) below.

cynical developer logo
As I mentioned earlier, The Cynical Developer is all about technology evangelists. It started life as a podcast.

cynical developer logo
Productivity in Tech is a podcast all about the folks in the technology professional space and how they reach peak productivity.