Open.CoreMDB Part 1 – Resource Services

Jamie Taylor

You’ll find an embedded player for the recording at the top of this post. This video is just under two hours long, but it forms the ground work for what will become a full test drive developed piece of open source software that I’m calling Open.CoreMDB.

Recording Date

I originally recorded this on the July 8th 2018.

The Purpose

I’d been approached about (and given the idea of) creating a Configuration Management Database in .NET Core, and I thought that it seemed like the perfect project to attempt to build, in the open, as a series of videos

I mean, it can’t be that hard… right?

So I took some time to write a basic spec (which you can find here) and will be working from and evolving that spec as this series continues.

In this first video I wanted to introduce the problem, the spec, code of conduct and create the read portion

i.e. the R in CRUD

of the Resource Service and the first properties of the Resource Item – all of which is fully tested.

All work on this project will be done using GitFlow. This can be seen throughout the video, as I was working in a branch called “feature-resource-item-service” which was merged into the “development” branch after I had gone off the air.

Show Notes

I mentioned the following resources in this stream:

which includes a code of conduct for folks who wish to contribute

which reminded me how to assert an exception in xunit

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