Blazor – An Introduction

Jamie Taylor

You’ll find an embedded player for the recording at the top of this post. This talk is just over 1 hour long, but it covers a lot of stuff about how Blazor works. Well, enough so that you understand how it works, and to let you start being productive with it

plus, I described how Blazor works using Pokemon

Recording Date

I originally recorded this on the April 13th, 2018.

The Purpose

The point of this talk is to introduce folks to the wonderful world of Blazor 0.1.0

As this talk was created and recorded back when Blazor was in an early public preview stage, some of the details are subject to

and most definitely will

change. As Blazor is a project with on-going development, things will change. But the basics of what I cover in this talk will (more than likely) remain constant.

Show Notes

I mentioned the following resources in this talk:

there is a Blazor version coming soon

my first, publicly available, Blazor app

n app which displays stats on Fortnite players

this example will take a long time to load, be aware

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