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You’ll find an embedded player for the stream at the top of this post. This stream is the longest I’ve done so far, at just over 3 hours.

The issue from last time (with the FaceTime camera) persisted in this video. Perhaps I move around too much

I really should calm that down, to be fair

or maybe I should capture a smaller window.

Stream Date

I originally live streamed this on the 26th November 2017

The Purpose

The point of this stream was to update my OnionArch project

which you can find here

by adding Feature Folders to it, and then replace the UI layer with a Single Page Application which used the controllers in the Feature Folders.

After I’d talked my way through Feature Folders and how to use them in an ASP.NET Core project, I decided to show off a project that I’m working on (but had yet to announce or store in a public GitHub repo): A .NET Core blog platform called Narrativia.

Ed: after this page when out, I published Narrativia to GitHub

During the stream, I talk about ASP.NET Core middleware

which I’ve written about before

and twitch viewer dance2die pointed out that expressJS provides middleware for Node applications

in case you’re more familiar with Node

If you are coming from Node background, it seems like Express middleware might give you a connection to ASP.NET MVC pipeline

I also ran into issues with my spelling of development

which I ended up spelling developement

This meant that the JavaScript and SPA services were not called on application start up. This meant that my TypeScript was never passed through webpack and it was never swapped in when I made changes.

Show Notes

The following slides where used during the stream:

I talked about the following resources whilst I was streaming:

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