Building an Angular Single Page App with ASP.NET Core

Jamie Taylor

You’ll find an embedded player for the stream at the top of this post. This stream is a little shorter than my previous one, at 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The issue from last time (with the FaceTime camera) persisted in this video. Perhaps I move around too much

I really should calm that down, to be fair

or maybe I should capture a smaller window.

Stream Date

I originally live streamed this on the 21st October 2017

The Purpose

The point of this stream was to update my dwCheckUi project

which you can find here

to ASP.NET Core 2.0. Before the live stream, the code within the repository was built with version 1.1 of .NET Core, using Visual Studio Code.

During the stream, I talk about the Javascript Services namespace

which I’ve written about before

and how it uses Node.js on the server to build and hot swap (when in development mode) the code on the client, as changes are made.

I also talked through the API that I’m calling and the format of the data which is returned from it.



Show Notes

I talked about the following resources whilst I was streaming:

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