Building a .NET Core Application with Onion Architecture

Jamie Taylor

You’ll find an embedded player for the stream at the top of this post. I will point out that it’s over 2 and 3/4 hours long though.

Also, I’m aware of the issues with the video feed from my webcam. I believe this is because I was recording the stream locally whilst broadcasting.

Stream Date

I originally live streamed this on the 24th September 2017

The Purpose

The point of this stream was to go from absolutely nothing to a complete .NET Core application which utilised the onion architecture in as little time as possible, utilising the terminal/command line and Rider as an IDE.

I only really used Rider as a text editor, if I’m honest

What I ended up creating was a full ASP.NET Core MVC application with onion architecture and authentication

I could create a user and sign in – although I didn’t sign in until after the stream has gone date

Show Notes

I talked about the following resources whilst I was streaming:

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